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What's holding you back?

What's happened in your life that stops you from moving forward?

Are you hanging on to old habits or self-doubts that no longer serve you?

Do you WANT to make a change in your life but don't know how?

Your journey starts with a free consultation.

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Jolie Roy

Learn How To...


Practice Self-Compassion

by learning self-care and loving yourself without judgement

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

by making healthy habit changes

Transform Your Life and meet your goals 

Start Your Journey

Your journey begins with a Discovery Session. It's designed to uncover what's causing the stress and anxiety that's holding you back from meeting your goals.


You and I work closely, building trust as partners so you can learn how to achieve it all within a relatively short period of time. You'll be asked questions that are designed to find out how important your goals are to you. You'll find out how much stress you're experiencing and what to do to help remove it.


You may surprise yourself with what you uncover about why you're feeling the way you are right now! If you have a desire to make changes, however small, it's just the beginning.


Even small steps are important - but the first step is making the decision to start your journey to self-discovery!


Click the free 30 Minute Consultation link below to book now.

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Testimonials...for more testimonials, click HERE

"I had an absolutely wonderful healing today with Jolie. My tension melted away and within minutes I was deeply relaxed. Afterward, Jolie conveyed some impressions she had received while working on my chakras. Everything she said was spot-on! She confirmed some things I knew, and gave me confidence in some other things that I suspected. Jolie is extremely gifted and exceptionally accurate."

- Alison S.

I started the Total Transformation Program with the goal of losing weight. I learned how to eat healthy, which made me understand why I ate the way I did. Jolie helped me to discover that my stress and anxiety about who I was and how I was sabotaging myself was holding me back from healthy eating as well as healthy relationships with my wife and kids. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their life habits.”

- Andy H.

"When I first met Jolie, I felt such a warm and welcoming energy from her. During our session together, I felt that warm energy from her Reiki healing, which put me in such a relaxed and grounded state. It was as if I was being bathed in soothing warm water. She explained what she was doing/feeling during the session which I appreciated. She felt issues in my heart and throat chakras, which I have heard before from other energy workers. Jolie is a very kind, intuitive and expert Reiki practitioner- I highly recommend her if you are considering a Reiki session. "

- Ruth R.


Trusted Partners

Since I became a Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner, I have met and worked with many wonderful practitioners in the area of wellness. I have experienced their work and appreciate all that I've learned from these loving healers and coaches. To see a video about me and these practitioners talk about how we help our clients, click here.

Check out their websites to learn more about my trusted partners!

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