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Meet Jolie

Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner

Welcome! It's a pleasure to meet you! I have to tell you, I LOVE helping people. All my life, I've felt the pull to heal, but it took me a long time to recognize that it's what I was meant to do. Healing is not only for the physical body, it's for emotional well-being, too.


I'm a certified Life & Health Coach. I help people who are suffering from self-doubt about achieving goals because of events in their lives they're going through These events can create roadblocks that are hard to remove.


I've also let self-doubt interfere with different aspects of my life, like a bad marriage, being laid off 5 times and letting toxic people into my life. I help people who've experienced similar issues because I understand what it's like to want to succeed, and at the same time, allow doubt and unhappiness destroy my dreams.

I have a background in coaching and training corporate teams and leadership. My passion is working with individuals to help them discover what they really want. I help them learn self-care and setting and meeting goals that are achievable, all while removing the negative things in their lives.


The best part of helping my clients is seeing them change their mindset and celebrate their successes with them!

I have been a Reiki Level II practitioner since 2000 and am 4th in lineage to Usui Sensei, the founder of Reiki Ryoho. I have helped dozens of people become more balanced, unburden themselves of unwanted negative energy, relieve painful areas of the body and create emotional well-being using this sacred healing practice.

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