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Payments are accepted through Paypal, Venmo or Zelle. No personal checks, please.

Discovery Session - $45

The Discovery Session is intended to identify what's holding you back and how you can get help in discovering what it is you WANT in your life. This session is designed to understand the reasons behind what's holding you back and open up to abundance! Start by scheduling your free consultation with me to get to know each other by clicking on this link.

90-Day Program - Contact me for pricing

12 weekly 45-60 minute sessions working together as partners in your transformation. Weekly sessions include coaching, celebrating your successes, activities to keep you accountable to your yourself, tools to help keep you focused on your goals, as well as full support and celebrating EVERY win, no matter how small or how huge!

Individual, group or couples programs are available. Contact me for details and pricing.

14-Day Reset Cleanse - $120

The 14-Day Reset Cleanse program that includes a planning/initial 30-minute session, planning guide with menus and recipes for a healthy clenase, and 2 full 60-minute sessions with me as your Coach. 

Reiki - $30 - $60/$80 - $90/$110

Reiki sessions can be done in person at my home in Chicago or a client's local location. I can also do distance Reiki via video call. It's your preference!  Contact me for availability.


Distance Reiki ($30) - Distance Reiki is done only by request for oneself or a situation. This session typically takes approximately 20 minutes and can be done any time. It can be done in real-time over a video call or requested by phone or email. If done by request, once completed, I will contact you to let you know I've sent healing to you or your situation. Your body/situation will absorb the energy when it needs it. This could be immediately or later, when you may be more receptive.

Chair Reiki ($60/$80) - This 30-40 minute session is an alternative method to Table Reiki, designed to provide a shorter healing session to clients.  This method can be used when doing a full Reiki session isn't possible ($60 if you come to my location here in Chicago. $80 if I travel to your local location).

Table Reiki ($90/$110) - A full 60-minute healing energy session, typically using soft lighting, soft music, and crystals to energize the healing. At the client's request, hands-on or hands-off can be used, depending on your comfort level ($90 if you come to my location here in Chicago. $110 if I travel to your local location).

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