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"The Total Transformation System Jolie offers helped me discover where my real happiness was and had me look at who I am when I make decisions that affect me and my family.  I was able to meet my original goals within the 90 days of the program! I signed up again to meet another set of goals and achieved them with all the tools Jolie gave me during my program. "

- Leslie M.

"Jolie assisted me in exploring areas in my life that need changing or shifting. She helped me to identify ways to alter the energy in my life to improve my overall wellbeing. She helped by making things in to bite size pieces which also in turn made change more manageable. "

- Molly S.

“I needed accountability for the things I had on my to-do list, so I signed up for the Total Transformation System. I not only met the goals I set out to achieve in 90 days, I renewed for another 90 day program, which was customized for me to achieve a new set of goals. Jolie's way of coaching helped me articulate what was in my head in a way I've never been able to before. I'm so glad I had Jolie as my coach!”

- Yue-Jing L.

I highly recommend Jolie! During my first session with her, right away I could feel she was heart centered, focused, and very attentive to my responses and adjusted accordingly:) This helped me become more aware of deeper why's for my issue:) I love her sustainable, easy and fun approach as well as her Wheel of Life to help you see all aspects and be easily able to choose which ones you need to focus on first. Jolie's includes three things: system, support, and accountability, to lead you with to a successful transformation! Way to go! Thank you Jolie!!

- Christine B.

I had the best experience with Jolie! For 2 days I felt a calming release of tension that had been building for months. If you've never tried distance Reiki, I strongly recommend reaching out to Jolie - she's the best!

- Amy G.

After having a few Reiki sessions with Jolie, she suggested I try a customizable 14 day food cleanse. I was having sleep issues as well as a lack of energy. It was an eye opener for me! The sleeping issues have subsided and my energy level is much improved. Through this new way of eating healthy foods and Jolie's attentive coaching during the process, I feel I've turned a corner for the better. Best thing I've done for myself in years!

- Donna B.

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